Thick as thieves (closed for adam adaskin)

Looking at Caliber Hyde, one wouldn’t expect the very large man to have the profession he did.

 By day he had a quiet lifestyle, but enough money to ‘get by’.

By night, he was a world-class thief.

Tonight, a local museum had an artifact he desperately wanted. had a buyer lined up for it already too.

So, clad head-to-toe in black, pouches and small backpack holding the gear he would need, the large man slipped in, making his way towards the gem exhibit to collect the giant ruby that was the showstopper.

he was too big for sneaking through vents, so he took another route, disguised as cleaning staff, he got in simply enough, and soon was evading cameras and suspicion.

he smiled, looking at a sign, and turning towards his destination….unaware that he wasn’t alone in wanting that prize…


voodooverse asked:

"Fear in the Back of Your Mind" little sweet metal, because he's a seer...or gentle giant caliber, you pick. ^_^

steampoweredtardisverse answered:

[[Hmm, not sure. Which one is more likely to be able to do something?]]

At first, it seemed like the memory would be only sound. The only thing that could be seen from Kat’s point of view was darkness. Then, stepping back, a bit of pale yellow could be seen around the edges of her (and subsequently, the person viewing the memory’s) vision. Behind her, a kitten and a young-looking man were running away from whatever had sent Kat’s heart racing and hurt her arm.

"N-no, stay back!" She knew it wouldn’t do anything, but she just needed to buy time for the Doctor and The Spine to get away and Wolfie to figure out how to get rid of the thing. In front of her, the darkness drew forward slightly, and something vaguely human-shaped with claws formed in it.

"Pathetic," a low voice said. "This is all you’ve got? Your first attempt was more impressive. If you’re going to be like this, your deaths won’t be any fun."

"Don’t you dare touch them,” Kat snarled. She didn’t care what happened to her, but her friends needed to get away. 

"If you insist." The thing in the shadows lunged forward, quicker than Kat could ever hope to move. Kat’s vision went black as claws sunk into her shoulder and side. She cried out, and the memory ended, leaving her and her guest back in the real world.





"Suspender Man. Yeah, I was sort of thinking about those Suspenders, although they’re Jon’s now, since the guy is kinda dead." And in Hell, Kat was pretty sure. Or at least somewhere with a view of a lake of fire in one ‘verse, anyway. "I want to know why the demon is in a pair of suspenders.” She finished the cookie off to avoid smiling as Metal counted the new candies out. 

"That’s good. Being able to find the portals makes me feel better." And made it easier to visit them.

metal chipred happily and nibbled the last of his candies…then looked at what was left on the plate.  rattles nudged his pinata cookie towards the little bot, smirking. ‘you can have mine, sweetie.”

 Metal nodded, and started  playing with it.

 ”sounds like he’s kinda scary…suspender man i mean. M’glad he’s not around. M’not sure the demon’s in the suspenders…but in th’ man. didn’t the song say he sold his soul to th’ bog?”

Kat took a pumpkin cake pop and shrugged. “Might be different in Jon’s ‘verse. I don’t really know what happened in most ‘verses outside of the song. Last time I saw Jon though, the song didn’t appear to have been written. Maybe in his ‘verse the song’ll be different.” 

"possibly. it’s hard to tell with songs. here it’s not one we wrote or sang, just old lore. "

 he sipped his tea. ‘like the boogeyman and giant zombie alligators…just stories t’scare kids inta eatin’ veggies and stuff.” he chuckled.

metal meanwhile, was eating the last bits of candy from the cookies, chirping to himself as he counted them out.


Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well

  • 1. What is you middle name?
  • 2. How old are you?
  • 3. What is your birthday?
  • 4. What is your zodiac sign?
  • 5. What is your favorite color?
  • 6. What's your lucky number?
  • 7. Do you have any pets?
  • 8. Where are you from?
  • 9. How tall are you?
  • 10. What shoe size are you?
  • 11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • 12. What was your last dream about?
  • 13. What talents do you have?
  • 14. Are you psychic in any way?
  • 15. Favorite song?
  • 16. Favorite movie?
  • 17. Who would be your ideal partner?
  • 18. Do you want children?
  • 19. Do you want a church wedding?
  • 20. Are you religious?
  • 21. Have you ever been to the hospital?
  • 22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law?
  • 23. Have you ever met any celebrities?
  • 24. Baths or showers?
  • 25. What color socks are you wearing?
  • 26. Have you ever been famous?
  • 27. Would you like to be a big celebrity?
  • 28. What type of music do you like?
  • 29. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
  • 30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
  • 31. What position do you usually sleep in?
  • 32. How big is your house?
  • 33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
  • 34. Have you ever fired a gun?
  • 35. Have you ever tried archery?
  • 36. Favorite clean word?
  • 37. Favorite swear word?
  • 38. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?
  • 39. Do you have any scars?
  • 40. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
  • 41. Are you a good liar?
  • 42. Are you a good judge of character?
  • 43. Can you do any other accents other than your own?
  • 44. Do you have a strong accent?
  • 45. What is your favorite accent?
  • 46. What is your personality type?
  • 47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
  • 48. Can you curl your tongue?
  • 49. Are you an innie or an outie?
  • 50. Left or right handed?
  • 51. Are you scared of spiders?
  • 52. Favorite food?
  • 53. Favorite foreign food?
  • 54. Are you a clean or messy person?
  • 55. Most used phrased?
  • 56. Most used word?
  • 57. How long does it take for you to get ready?
  • 58. Do you have much of an ego?
  • 59. Do you suck or bite lollipops?
  • 60. Do you talk to yourself?
  • 61. Do you sing to yourself?
  • 62. Are you a good singer?
  • 63. Biggest Fear?
  • 64. Are you a gossip?
  • 65. Best dramatic movie you've seen?
  • 66. Do you like long or short hair?
  • 67. Can you name all 50 states of America?
  • 68. Favorite school subject?
  • 69. Extrovert or Introvert?
  • 70. Have you ever been scuba diving?
  • 71. What makes you nervous?
  • 72. Are you scared of the dark?
  • 73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?
  • 74. Are you ticklish?
  • 75. Have you ever started a rumor?
  • 76. Have you ever been in a position of authority?
  • 77. Have you ever drank underage?
  • 78. Have you ever done drugs?
  • 79. Who was your first real crush?
  • 80. How many piercings do you have?
  • 81. Can you roll your Rs?"
  • 82. How fast can you type?
  • 83. How fast can you run?
  • 84. What color is your hair?
  • 85. What color is your eyes?
  • 86. What are you allergic to?
  • 87. Do you keep a journal?
  • 88. What do your parents do?
  • 89. Do you like your age?
  • 90. What makes you angry?
  • 91. Do you like your own name?
  • 92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they?
  • 93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child?
  • 94. What are you strengths?
  • 95. What are your weaknesses?
  • 96. How did you get your name?
  • 97. Were your ancestors royalty?
  • 98. Do you have any scars?
  • 99. Color of your bedspread?
  • 100. Color of your room?

voodooverse asked:

¥ Calvin grinned. "Deactivate the guard dog."

archer-white-rp answered:

Archer was already sweating. He growled, clenching his fists and ready to fight the demand. “Ulysses offline!” He spat angrily. After it was said he seemed confused. Those weren’t the words he wanted to say, but he was compelled. Oh no. He was in trouble.



 ”’s not so much WANT as Require, boy. Weather or not I prefer it, I’m no longer attached To Arsenic. That equates to several things. Firstly, My lab is gone. Because it was in that house, and I am As of current, unable to return and reclaim it. “

 He scowled, leaning against the desk as he cleaned blood from under his fingernails. Only some of it was his.

 ”Secondly, A lack of proper test subjects..the brothel used to provide, and now i don’t have the access. Thirdly, Much as i would adore ripping into you until  i knew how you worked, I am..incapable. Suffice it to say I can and WILL hurt you, but not to the extent I would prefer. There’s no telling what that might do to your blood, and frankly, I do not enjoy it when this body tries to digest itself to acquire sustenance.”

  He paused, eyes flicking up again, fingertip to his lips and smirking.

 It seemed to be a nervous tic, or perhaps a habit when he was thinking deeply on a matter. he sighed, and began again.

 ”Though it’s not just a sanguine nature…if you’ll pardon the pun, that i require you for.  The Monster, between bond and kindness, has become a bit..attached to you. Now, minutely as i care what it desires or thinks, this attachment poses an issue for me, as well. Far more strongly because we share a body, a few memories..and feelings..I surmise you can conclude what I might be attempting to convey to you…” he trailed off, sighing, almost looking disgusted of himself.

Archer had to blink a few times and focus entirely to understand the request. The more he spoke, the more angry he became.

"If you think for even a second that I will bring you victims to torture and kill, you are sadly mistaken. I’d rather put my own life on the line then let you touch one innocent." He raised a finger and pointed it to the sky defiantly. To Archer everyone was still innocent.

"I’m not giving you tools or people… or space. So you can forget that right out! I don’t care! The more and more you speak the more i realize you are just full of empty threats."

He took a step back, trying to hold in a frightened laugh. “You need me. You need me! To give you these things because you don’t have the strength to do it yourself? What kind of a villain are you!”

Calvin huffed, scowling deeply.

 ”No. I wasn’t blessed with power….or strength. Considering my fate, I was hardly fortuitously blessed by luck either. But what i was blessed with, was intelligence, a persuasive speaking manner, and skills to normally uphold my threats. ” he tapped that finger against his lips, thinking again.

  “I could procure lesser items and animals at least…on my own, but in truth, you are astutely correct. I need you. Not just to keep me alive, but so i can continue my work. Yes I enjoy hurting people needlessly..I’m admissible to homicidal tendencies. But wouldn’t you feel better knowing you were assisting me to…be a better man, but choosing who and what I do my work on? Perhaps, in time, i could be more..easily persuaded to forgo my more…lethal ways on your behalf?”

 Now he was playing the sympathy card, trying to see if, by helping him, he could convince archer he’d go the more…’righteous’ route and reform his ways.

 Not that he intended to do so at all, but if he could trick Archer into believing he was helping Calvin be a ‘good man’. it was worth it to try.

 ”If you must pry, I am in fact, not a very good villain at all. More…sidekick, repairman, and torturer for Arsenic than anything. before i was this, i was a rational, sane, nurturing man really. ” he managed a smile. “Perhaps you are correct is asking what manner of villianry i was meant for. Maybe, I was simply one by..necessity.” he smiled, trying to see if archer would by the ploy, that he could be perhaps, ‘turned’ to be good…even if deep down, Calvin had no intention of it at all.



the wwf’s living planet report 2014, which discovered that we’ve lost half of all the world’s wildlife in the past fourty years, showed more specifically that the population of common dormice dropped by 43 percent between 1993 and 2010.

not only are dormice vulnerable to habitat loss, but they’re hesitant to cross open fields, and the grubbing out of hedgerows in recent decades has removed the wildlife corridors between woods that has allowed the dormice to move more freely to new habitat.  

dormice have very specialized diets of berries and nuts, and with less habitat they are unable to seek out enough food to fatten up before their six month hibernation (which was featured in these two posts). 

photos by (click pic) andrea zampatti, richard austin xmiroslav hlávkobengt lundberg, david kjaer and ingo ardnt