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"There aint no me if there aint no you."

askcarmina answered:

Mina smiled softly, and climbed up on a chair to be able to kiss his cheek. “Caliber, love, thank you,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him. Even in the chair she had to stand on tip toe to reach.


"non, Cherie. I have t’carry a few pounds of hair around, little bit of jewelry chain and scalpel-sized blades aren’t much compared t’that." he gently rand his fingers over her hand, and the clip.

  “wasn’t a loan, Cherie. S’yours now. Looks better in your hair than ever it did in mine.”

"Oh, Caliber," she breathed, turning and looking up at him. Her eyes were already misty, and she took a deep breath. "I- hnnng" she said, one of the very few times someone had managed to make her speechless with happiness.

he smiled, and snuck in a kiss.

 ”Aside from m’old vest…I got nothin’ left of my old fightin’ days…and really…I do wantcha t’have that. means as much to me as you do now…only….you mean more t’me than a hairclip, and mroe than the memories attached to it too.”


askcarmina asked:

Carmichael gasped, feeling femme!Caliber's hand slowly sliding lower. "I, uh, didn't think this was that kind of movie," he said, moaning softly, eyes fluttering.

voodooverse answered:

She smiled, tongue gliding over sharp teeth.

"s’not…but i think y’all should know….Hydes go into heat in th’ fall…means M’gonna be a little mroe demanding for intimacy….an’ i have a ahrder time keepin my nastier side tucked away….though..when m’like this, i don’t think he’d wanna try and poke a oe outside his little hidey-hole in m’head if he cna help it."






"Oh, do you now? Well, I think I’d be happy to help out in that respect," he said, letting her hand go, and pulling her into a hot kiss. She was so close to touching him, and the more she teased, the closer he came to meeting her hand. his hips moved toward her, and he moaned softly.

Caliber purred, kissing back, then along his jawline, leaving tiny nips. she kenw he liked biting, and knew all the right places to sink venom-laced fangs into plating to turn him on more.

 ”good…because I am more than ready to get out of these clothes and screw you into the mattress…”

"Oh fuck yes." He didn’t realize he’d spoken it out loud, moaning as she teased him, eyes closed, and body arching into her touch. He wanted her bad, and fast, if the strain on his pants was any indication.

She slid her hand along the button, easign it open, and dragging the zipper down, hand sliding in and smirking against his neck.

 ”Mmmm…we’re both wearing entirely too much for this i think…” and she bit him.

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From out of the portal came a young woman with big brown eyes and hair to match looking rather pleased with herself. She hadn't seen a new portal in quite some time. Following her was a sort of Spine-like bot complete with fedora and vest but with softer edges. He didn't look anywhere near as happy as the girl. "One hour. That's it," he said to her, looking around suspiciously. "Oh would you relax? I'm fine, Walle," the girl sighed, stepping deeper into the manor. "Hello? Is anyone home?"

voodooverse answered:

rattletrap blinked, peeking out of the kitchen.

"Oh! visitor!" he grinned, and stepped into view. he was indeed a shorter than normal blue male rabbit chassis.

Etched in vines and butterflies that glowed softly, vest-front dusted in flour.

"uhm…heloo…welcome to voodooverse..I’m rattletrap Walter..and this is ahh…well…" he gestured to the victorian foyer the portal had opened was old, and semi-falling apart. "well..was…walter manor…"



Rattles smiled softly. “caliber’s a hyde…a sort of matter-made a walter worker on steroids…kinda. he’s like eight feet tall, but a total gentle giant. “

 Metal smiled up at walle, and tipped an imaginary hat to him with another bird-like chirp. he sounded like a finch, or parakeet.

 Voodoo grinned. ‘i like ‘em all…I got a snow white dress, but when m’cooking I wear this one, because tiana likes t’cook…” rattles or baron must sew, since the little dress had a lily-themed apron to keep the flour off the dress, a lilypad making up each apron pocket.

 ”we were makin’ cookies…if y’wanna stay for them..and tea..maybe a house tour?”

"Eight feet tall, hm?"

"Shojo, don’t even think about it," Walle said to her, making Shojo blow him a raspberry as she squeed over the apron.

"Oh you chirp too? I used to chirp until I got my voice box installed," Walle chuckled, chirping for Metal to demonstrate.

"Oo, we’d love to! C’mon, Mr. Chirpy, let’s go," Shojo teased, getting back to her feet.

rattles nodded, he was 5’3”….way shorter than the real rabbit.

 ”yeah. he’s like super tall, baron’s a few inches taller though.”

metal warbled a laugh, and nodded, lifting his chin, the plating under it was destroyed, but recently repaired. there was a melted ruin of a voicebox in there, likely left so he could make some noise, as a new one was likely in the works.

 Noah sighed. “He knows sign language, but he’s shy, and not sure if visitors understand. when he world-hops to places with Active WIFI, he can talk that way just fine. but we barely have electricity here so….sign language, and bird chirps.”

 Noah headed off to his workshop deeper in the house, as rattles and the littles led their visitors to the giant farmhouse style kitchen.

 Above, big exposes beams creaked and footsteps were clearly heard. rattles smiled.

  “looks like baron smelt the cookies…or wondered what the chirping was all about..”


voodooverse asked:

"Fear in the Back of Your Mind" little sweet metal, because he's a seer...or gentle giant caliber, you pick. ^_^

steampoweredtardisverse answered:

[[Hmm, not sure. Which one is more likely to be able to do something?]]

At first, it seemed like the memory would be only sound. The only thing that could be seen from Kat’s point of view was darkness. Then, stepping back, a bit of pale yellow could be seen around the edges of her (and subsequently, the person viewing the memory’s) vision. Behind her, a kitten and a young-looking man were running away from whatever had sent Kat’s heart racing and hurt her arm.

"N-no, stay back!" She knew it wouldn’t do anything, but she just needed to buy time for the Doctor and The Spine to get away and Wolfie to figure out how to get rid of the thing. In front of her, the darkness drew forward slightly, and something vaguely human-shaped with claws formed in it.

"Pathetic," a low voice said. "This is all you’ve got? Your first attempt was more impressive. If you’re going to be like this, your deaths won’t be any fun."

"Don’t you dare touch them,” Kat snarled. She didn’t care what happened to her, but her friends needed to get away. 

"If you insist." The thing in the shadows lunged forward, quicker than Kat could ever hope to move. Kat’s vision went black as claws sunk into her shoulder and side. She cried out, and the memory ended, leaving her and her guest back in the real world.





"So he does what Michael and Peter do, I guess." Kat thanked the waiter and picked up her tea. "That’s good. So is it not raining today. If it was, I’d’ve had to find an umbrella before we left the TARDIS." 

"if it’d been rainin’ we’d have lent y’all one at the house. just because we don’t mind gettin’ wet doesn’t mean visitors enjoy it..or are able to,. so we keep stuff on hand to stay dry. "

The waiter re-appered, with a tray. on it were three of enarly every fall-themed dessert on the menu, cinnamon spicecake, pumpkin cakepops, tiny delicate-looking pumpkin petit fours, and even little slices of chcolate s’mores torte. a;; one or two bites each, and according to the menu, made with organic ingredients too.

"That’s good. Keeping things to make sure guests are okay is good. Hospitality." Kat was distracted by the waiter reappearing with the desserts. 

"Oh, those look delicious." She couldn’t decide what looked best. She didn’t know what the petit fours were, but she liked how they looked. "And tiny. They really are bite-sized, aren’t they?" 

rattles grinned. ‘well..southern hospitality y’know…” and he looked the arrived treats over…and purred, nibbling a petite four, with was a chocolate dipped mini layer cake, four layers of cake, four layers of icing, then chocolate, and little piped-on stripes and flowers.

 ”oooh…white chcolate spiced pumpkin heavennnnnnn..: he purred, as metal opted for a little s’mores totre.

"they are, they make sure nothing can gum up gears or mess up boilers."